Wolverhampton is a staple city for virtually any place in the country. It is full to the brim of high-profile brands who draw the crowds in. But, you know what? I find it boring. As a tourist, why would I visit a town/city that offers exactly that same as my hometown does? I ain’t traveling all those miles to see the same clothes on the same rails. I WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Something unique. Something instagramable. That’s why independent businesses need to ROAR! They need to come dominating over the brands to teach them a good lesson. They should not be allowed to muscle their way over industries. But basic branding lacks in these independent businesses. They lack basic marketing principles.[…]

A while ago, my grandmother made a statement: “the coffee shop is the new pub”. And I couldn’t agree more. Growing more than 11.2% in sales in 2016, the market is still growing. Its foundations are strong. Thanks to the likes of Starbucks and Coffee Republic to introducing the coffee “fad” to the UK, people have been going mad. Whilst tea still remains the staple homebrew drink of the Britons, when out and about, coffee dominates. I only truly appreciated the dominance of coffee recently. Yes, I understood and have read about its ground-sweeping growth, but until I saw it in practice, I just accepted it as fact. In Wolverhampton, there were various coffee shops including pubs. Then I went[…]