I was in The Cuban Exchange, Wolverhampton, the other day. A regular walks in. Before even a greeting could pass between him and the barmaid, she had a glass under the tap, his pint being poured. That, my friends, is customer service at its finest. Okay, if you have over 100 regulars, it is impossible to remember their pint and find time to do this. But, for those who have a select few regulars, this can go a long way. This reminds the regular that they are valued and they, as an individual, are remembered. This is a certain way to keep their custom. Why will they bother going elsewhere when they’ll have to develop the relationship all over again?[…]

Bring value and you'll reap what you sow.

Value. That’s what you need to bring to your social media followers. Value. More than that actually. You need to provide more value than the follower is worth to you. Why? Because you want their business right? You want their money? You want them to return and recommend their friends to you? Right? Think about it. You have a butcher who always offer advice on how to cook the meat you purchase. He doesn’t have to do that, but he does anyway. You try out his advice and you cook the best freaking meal you’ve ever done. Like seriously, you’re considering opening your own restaurant it is that good. With that in mind, who are you going to for your[…]