Get bums on seats!

You’re a restaurant, bar, nightclub or pub.

You want bums on seat. Or at least people in your venue.

You could pay out thousands of pounds on traditional media.

Or you could spend as little as £5 per day on Facebook Ads and drive people through your front door.

Surprisingly, not many business owners are aware of the power of social media. They use it personally for their friends and family, and they see the bad side of social media on the news. But they don’t realize they can use it for their business.

They neglect their Facebook pages, updating once a month when an important announcement is due. These fools should be posting 1-2 times per day to get any sort of engagement! They should have something to say everyday. Even if it’s just a “Hello! We’re still here”. That’s why they have under 200 likes on Facebook and a failing business.

Everyone uses social media. 1.28 billion people log in daily on Facebook. If you could get 1% of that audience to engage with you, you will be more than winning.

So how can you engage with that 1%?

Set up a Facebook Ad and provide an offer. Buy one get one free on your first drink. 50% off food bill between 2-3pm. Free entry to your gig night before 12am. The offer has to be good enough to first draw people in. Facebook Ads allows you to target specific demographics, so you know the right people are seeing your ad. Make sure you’re really specific. If you’re too broad, you’ll attract the wrong crowd.

Whilst you’re setting up a Facebook Ad, post content. Valuable content that you’re newfound fans will enjoy. Memes that represent the day of the week, videos of your night-time entertainment, articles to the latest gossip. Understand your target market, their likes and wants, and be the first to provide it. As I’ve said before, you should be posting 1-2 times per day. If you don’t have the time, hire someone to do it.

The type of content matters too. It has to be valuable, engaging content. For example, pictures of your food or cocktails go down tremendously well. Just make sure it actually looks good otherwise it will draw the attention of Gordon Ramsey.

Another example is a video of your most popular nights. Show off how good a time your prospects are missing out on. Make them want to party at your place. Hire a professional videographer to compile a quality video for you that you can use time and time again.

Finally, host a competition. To enter, make people like and share your post. Imagine how many networks you can reach just by giving away two free drinks! Those that like your page to enter will be open to marketing further down the line. It’s a win-win.

Don’t be stupid and spend thousands of pounds on traditional marketing. Spend minimum £70 a month on Facebook Ads and see the results.

If you’re searching for an expert to harness the power of social media for you, Social Caveman can help. We provide packages focusing just on Facebook to the full wham of social media networks! Get in touch today for a quote and freebies.

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