I was in The Cuban Exchange, Wolverhampton, the other day. A regular walks in. Before even a greeting could pass between him and the barmaid, she had a glass under the tap, his pint being poured. That, my friends, is customer service at its finest.

Okay, if you have over 100 regulars, it is impossible to remember their pint and find time to do this. But, for those who have a select few regulars, this can go a long way. This reminds the regular that they are valued and they, as an individual, are remembered. This is a certain way to keep their custom. Why will they bother going elsewhere when they’ll have to develop the relationship all over again? So, set your staff to remember your regulars’ drinks and start developing that relationship further.

How does this translate into social media?

If you’ve developed your following enough, you will notice a few hardcore fans. You know, the ones that always engage with your content. Make sure you’re interacting with them back. Just a simple “thank you” can go a long way! This secures their following even more just through a simple gesture.

Why not take it one step further?

Get to personally know your fans. Follow and share their posts. Notice patterns in their likes and dislikes. Do they post about horror films? Send them an article about the latest IT movie. Feeling generous? Buy them tickets to see it. They’ll appreciate the gesture and will sure to return the favour one way or another, be it through exposure or buying you tickets to a movie too.

Personalised service is vital for success. You cannot provide it to everyone. Starbucks came close with their “name-on-a-cup” service. But for those which do visit your establishment regularly, spend time to get to know them. Hey, you might actually make a friend out of a customer. Either way, you’ll capture their attention and their custom for times ahead.

Get personal. Customers love it.

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