Don't just sell. Provide value.

Today’s inspiration comes from Hamish Chadwick on AJP. Check out his article here:

Guys and gals, wouldn’t you hate if you entered a shop and wasn’t greeted?

“That’ll be £12.98. Give me your money. Now go”.

That is just unimaginable. It just wouldn’t happen. It’s a sackable offense.

So why do so many people – including myself – do it on social media?

“Buy this.”

“Buy that.”

No “Hello, how are you?”. No “Here’s some amazing content to help you guys out.” Straight up selling. It’s just not on.

Now, I’m not expecting you to hit up a conversation with everyone in your chatbox – though that would impressive. I’m expecting you to care and provide value. We talked about this yesterday on my blog, but I think it’s important to emphasis this.

We all seek relationships that provide value. More often or not, a relationship has to be equal in effort and value. Otherwise, it’s just abusive. It’s why so many romantic relationships fail when one is doing all the work. The same in business. When one is constantly undercutting and not considering the other person’s feelings, the deal never happens.

What is required? A simple “Hello” every now and again. “How’s the kids? How’s the family? How’s the business?” Care. That’s the word of the day. Care. If you don’t care, you’re not fit for business.

How does one show care? I’ve already mentioned it. Provide value. Share posts that provide expert insight into topics that they care about. Provide one to one coaching sessions with those who are struggling. Share content that inspires or makes you laugh. Do this all for free and you’re winning. Do this all for free and you’re the one providing value to the relationship.

It works two ways as well. If you’re the one providing the value, the other will see this and will have to up their game. All in all, it’s a give and take game. You give, you take. So don’t be afraid to go all out when providing value. You’ll receive it back.

Today’s been a short post, but I needed to get this message out. As long as you understand that selling first on social media is unacceptable and damn right rude, I’ve succeeded in today’s mission. So, don’t be afraid to provide value. It’s the key to success.

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