Great ideas for indie bars!

The power of being an independent bar is that you have control over everything. Drink not selling, scrap it. New trend pops up, capitalize on it. The greatest power you can have is hosting your own themed nights. It’s a big money opportunity. Want the biggest inspiration? Universities’ bars. They have to stay creative to keep students engaged. Some of the best nights are done at a uni bar. Before we get into the juicy content, a warning: know your target market. Whilst I may recommend a night, if your target market is not going to like it, don’t risk it! 1. Charity events. Everyone loves charity. Fundraising for it shouldn’t be boring. It shouldn’t be putting money into a[…]

Don't just sell. Provide value.

Today’s inspiration comes from Hamish Chadwick on AJP. Check out his article here:¬† Guys and gals, wouldn’t you hate if you entered a shop and wasn’t greeted? “That’ll be ¬£12.98. Give me your money. Now go”. That is just unimaginable. It just wouldn’t happen. It’s a sackable offense. So why do so many people – including myself – do it on social media? “Buy this.” “Buy that.” No “Hello, how are you?”. No “Here’s some amazing content to help you guys out.” Straight up selling. It’s just not on. Now, I’m not expecting you to hit up a conversation with everyone in your chatbox – though that would impressive. I’m expecting you to care and provide value. We talked about[…]