As technology advances, so does marketing. Let’s admit it, that’s pretty quick. As a business, you must be where your customers are. There is no point trying to change habits for purely financial reasons. It won’t work. Strategy is important for success and forecasting and acting upon marketing trends offer an unlimited potential for profit. If you can predict where people are going to be in 3, 5, or 10 years, you can be the first to be there and the first to be seen. So, where exactly is marketing heading? I’ve presented my predictions without any timeline in mind. But, if my predictions don’t happen or at least start to happen within the next 5 years, I would be[…]

Wolverhampton is a staple city for virtually any place in the country. It is full to the brim of high-profile brands who draw the crowds in. But, you know what? I find it boring. As a tourist, why would I visit a town/city that offers exactly that same as my hometown does? I ain’t traveling all those miles to see the same clothes on the same rails. I WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Something unique. Something instagramable. That’s why independent businesses need to ROAR! They need to come dominating over the brands to teach them a good lesson. They should not be allowed to muscle their way over industries. But basic branding lacks in these independent businesses. They lack basic marketing principles.[…]

Getting repeat custom is difficult. However, it actually costs more to get a new customer than to get an existing customer to return, IF done right. For example, did you capture their email address on their first visit? Did they like your Facebook page in a competition? Did they partake in your social media ad you placed on Facebook? Are you collecting the data needed to repeat their custom? If not, change your tactics now. If you are, great! Use that data. Don’t just let it sit in the dust. Got their email address? Send out a newsletter with offers attached. Even better, send a personal email with a personal offer! On Facebook? Drive valuable content to them every day.[…]

I was in The Cuban Exchange, Wolverhampton, the other day. A regular walks in. Before even a greeting could pass between him and the barmaid, she had a glass under the tap, his pint being poured. That, my friends, is customer service at its finest. Okay, if you have over 100 regulars, it is impossible to remember their pint and find time to do this. But, for those who have a select few regulars, this can go a long way. This reminds the regular that they are valued and they, as an individual, are remembered. This is a certain way to keep their custom. Why will they bother going elsewhere when they’ll have to develop the relationship all over again?[…]

You run a nightclub. With a lot to focus on from security to designing the drinks menu, marketing is another action to add to your long to-do list. For those that aren’t experienced in the art of marketing, this can be daunting. You could hire a specialist to do the work for you (like us!) or you may want to save money and have a pop at it yourself. For those stuck on how to promote their nightclub, or perhaps you’re looking for new ideas, here are 10 ways to set you on the path to success: Target your audience Before we even start promoting, you must first know your audience. I mean, really know your audience. Not just their[…]