I’m Joshua (not Jean Valjean). I’m the grumpy writer that posts on here.

By trade, I’m a content marketer (a form of digital marketing). No matter how lost I get in life, I always end up back to writing.

So, doomed to take words and construct them into sentences for you and me to understand for the rest of my life, I thought I better get good at it.

When did this all start?

I started freelancing at 16, writing the odd blog post about anything and everything. I once wrote 10 product descriptions for a radiator. Yes, 10 UNIQUE descriptions for ONE radiator. Did I like the job? I’ll let you decide.

Stumbling across marketing when the voices in my head finally stopped talking, I decided to get really serious about content marketing: the combination of writing and marketing.

That lead me to run my own content marketing agency. Although I’m not picky about my clients, I LOVE working with independent businesses, especially in the charitable and educational sector. Basically, anyone who makes anyone’s life better.

What is Social Caveman?

Social Caveman is an outlet for me to express my views and opinion on marketing and business in general.

Some posts are your traditional sort: 7 *adjective* to increase your Facebook likes.

Some posts will be extremely personal: Why I think *company* needs to grow up.

Others will be insightful: How *Company* took over the world with social media.

Basically, I talk about anything and everything when I feel like it/have time to.

Whatever your taste, I hope you stick around and continue the conversation with me. I’ve talked to imaginary people for far too long.