Great ideas for indie bars!

The power of being an independent bar is that you have control over everything. Drink not selling, scrap it. New trend pops up, capitalize on it.

The greatest power you can have is hosting your own themed nights. It’s a big money opportunity. Want the biggest inspiration? Universities’ bars. They have to stay creative to keep students engaged. Some of the best nights are done at a uni bar.

Before we get into the juicy content, a warning: know your target market. Whilst I may recommend a night, if your target market is not going to like it, don’t risk it!

1. Charity events.

Everyone loves charity. Fundraising for it shouldn’t be boring. It shouldn’t be putting money into a bucket and that’s the end of it. Make it fun. Host a night dedicated to a charity. Get them involved. They could provide activities such as pinatas, glitter face-painting, or a slushie machines. All great ideas to pull customers in.

2. Guest bartenders

Find a famous person and pay them to be behind the bar. People love to be served by famous people. Find someone entertaining, quirky, and fun. Not only will you advertise it, they will too. They’ll tap into their network and draw people to your venue. Great potential.

3. Ladies’ Night

Tons of places are doing this, so if you’re not doing it: do it. Hire some hunky men, strip them to their boxers, and let them wander around the bar chatting and dancing. Women love this! Charge £5-£10 a ticket and you’re a winner. You could give women free entry and charge men only. After all, the place is going to full of women.

4. Comedy night

People love to laugh. And people pay for it! Hire 3-4 local comedians (support homegrown talent!) and charge £5-£10 per ticket.

5. Live music

Same with music as with comedy – people love live music. Hire locally and they’ll bring their support with them. Don’t forget to utilise social media and post that they’re coming. The more advertisement, the better.

6. Student night

You need to offer a discount. I know it’s difficult to see, but if you charge less, students will buy more! Start a student night every week and advertise to your local student union. Even better, partner with them to become the official place for a night out. Offer discounts anywhere between 25-50% and you’ll pull the crowds in.

Put a few of these ideas to test. Before you do, ensure your target market is open to this idea. Ask around. And when you do try it out, let me know how it went. Contact me at or comment below.

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