Recently, I’ve been looking at running my own Fish and Chips shop. Unfortunately, the funding didn’t work out and that’s the end of that journey. When writing the marketing strategy, I naturally favoured social media marketing. Here are a few ideas I included:

Facebook Ads

Naturally, I wanted to run Facebook Ads. The cheapest and most effective form of digital marketing, if I missed this off my list, I would be a disgrace to my community.

For the first week of opening, we were going to run a discounted menu. For the sake of this article, let’s say it was 50% off. My plan was to use £210 for a one week period before the grand opening (£30 per day) to generate hype. Then substitute the ad for a small £5 per day ad for another week to continue the hype. These ads would be within 2km of the shop to focus on the local area first. With the discounted menu over, the plan was to run a two-week campaign every month at £5 per day. These ads would be a 5km radius to draw the crowd of those further out.


Everyone loves a juicy competition and the thought of winning free fish and chips is a winner. We would run the competition within the first week of opening. To enter, users must like, share, and follow the page. That way, the user’s friends and families will see it and hopefully enter as well.

Competitions are a great way to draw new customers into the business. Everyone loves to win free prizes and especially when it is a local business, they want to get involved. Even those who don’t win will come and visit your new establishment to find out what you’re all about.


People love stories. So, that’s why we were going to create one for our business. Whilst we were at the start of our story as a business, our journeys in life were not. My business partner had run fish and chip shops before and we were going to share his experiences. Furthermore, we were going to share the story of our fish from sea to fryer. People love to know where their food comes from and with this added value, they’re more likely to pay more!


We help you out, you’ll help us out. We were quite confident that our recipes were special – and you should be confident of yours too! Now, we could be greedy and keep it a secret, but we want to provide value to our customers. We planned on giving our secrets away: the way we made our batter, techniques to home-cook the fish, how to batter the battered chips. Not only will your customers thank you, they will see you as authority, an expert. And when they’re too lazy to cook themselves, they’ll be knocking on your door, cash in hand.


Those were four ways we were going to advertise our fish and chips shop. As it is not going ahead, you can use them in your takeaway or restaurant to promote your brand. If any of these do succeed, let me know in the comments below or at

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