You run a nightclub. With a lot to focus on from security to designing the drinks menu, marketing is another action to add to your long to-do list. For those that aren’t experienced in the art of marketing, this can be daunting. You could hire a specialist to do the work for you (like us!) or you may want to save money and have a pop at it yourself.

For those stuck on how to promote their nightclub, or perhaps you’re looking for new ideas, here are 10 ways to set you on the path to success:

Target your audience

Before we even start promoting, you must first know your audience. I mean, really know your audience. Not just their age and gender, but their interests, their job salary, their drinks preference. There is no point wasting money promoting to those who aren’t actually interested in attending your nightclub.

Surveys are the way forward. Ask a few simple questions about themselves such as age, salary, how often they go clubbing. Then focus on their preferences: their favourite drinks, their favourite day to go out, what theme nights they prefer. Get really nitty gritty.

Don’t forget to offer an incentive to take your survey. Constantly being asked to do surveys can get so BORING! So, offer a free shot, free entry, or a 20% off voucher. Make sure it is short too. Spending more than 5 minutes answering personal questions is too much for anyone.

Have unique entertainment

Don’t be another replica nightclub. There are plenty of clubs playing the top 40. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. It means you should spice it up a bit. Make yourself stand out.

The best way to figure out the unique entertainment you should provide is to actually read those surveys you collected. If you asked the right questions, you will see the opportunities to prove something unique. For example, did most respondents state they like cheesy pop music from the 80s? Well, host an 80s night. If that works out, consider hosting it more or having it as your prime entertainment. Think Popworld.

Utilise fame. Again, refer to your surveys to find which celebrities will fit perfectly. Surprising, the Chuckle Brothers worked extremely well in a few nightclubs who targeted 18-21s. Who would your target audience love to meet? Spend the dosh and get them in!

VIP Club

As well as offering unique entertainment, offer a VIP club. Everyone loves to feel special, especially at their favourite club. Designate a certain area for them to sit (a VIP booth), provide drink packages at a discount (such as Ciroc vodka and mixer), and even provide a waiting service. If the VIP experience is what you’re going for, this is the way to go. This is great for birthdays, parties, and for your customers who just love to show off.

Designated Driver Packages

CRC Manhattans in Wolverhampton are the best at this. If you’re the designated driver, you get free entry and 3 free soft drinks (including mocktails!). Consider offering a similar service to your designated drivers. Not only are you encouraging your customers NOT to drink and drive, but you’re making them feel more welcome to your club.

Share photos from previous events

You want to make people who aren’t at your club, a wee bit jealous. You want to show them that they’re missing out and that their night spent at home watching Netflix was their worst decision ever. After every night at your club, post photos from that event. Not only will your customers tag themselves, but it will give prospects an idea of the environment you offer. So, for anyone visiting your Facebook page or website for the first time, they can figure out if your nightclub is for them. If everyone in the photos is having fun, they’re more likely to come.


Host contests with wicked prizes. Prizes that capture your target audience’s attention. Perhaps you could mention it in your survey? These prizes could be as a little as a free shot to as a big as a free VIP booth for them and their friends. The bigger, the better.

With a contest, you’re looking for exposure. To enter, get contestants to like and share a post on social media. That way, their friends will see it and want to join in. Then, their friends will see it and so on. You may want to spend £5 on promoting the post to give it a boost, but your followers should make it go viral on its own.

Get an email list

To advertise your contents, and to generally stay in touch, you want to develop an email list. Share your latest news with your subscribers and reward them with free shots and free entry before 11pm.

The hardest part is getting people to sign up to your newsletter. You have to give an incentive. Once again, something like a free shot or free entry should do the trick. Or perhaps entry to a competition to win a £250 bar tab. Remember, the bigger, the better.

Building relationships with local businesses

Another creative way to boost your services is to partner with local businesses. For example, the local limousine supplier could offer you a discount for your VIP members. The local takeaway could provide an offer on pizza for people with your entry ticket. Building these partnerships can give you an edge over competitors.


If you successfully build your brand, you could sell merchandise. Think t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps etc. The Giffard Arms in Wolverhampton is a prime example of this. Apart from that is already mentioned, they offer baby grows amongst other cool items. With their brand developed as the rock and metal bar in Wolverhampton – and dare I say, West Midlands – their place as a landmark makes people want to advertise that they’ve been there. So, for you to be successful with your merchandise, make sure you’re offering that unique experience we discussed earlier.

Happy customers

Finally, 90% of trade will come through word-of-mouth. Customer service and experience are so important. By using those surveys we’ve discussed before, you can figure out how customers prefer to be treated. Are they looking for a VIP experience or just cheap and easy drinks?

Always make your target audience happy. This does not include the people that do not fit with the people you’re targeting. Yes, they do matter. Yes, they will tell their friends not to go to your nightclub if they have a bad experience. However, you really just want to focus on a select few communities – you know, the ones that matter!

If one of your target audience has a negative experience, it is important to investigate immediately. Get to the real bottom of the issue and always try to resolve it. Offer a free VIP booth if you’ve really messed up. If not, offer a free drink with an opportunity to discuss ideas with the owner. The customers care when their voices are heard. They are the one paying your wage, after all.


So, there you have it: 10 ways to promote your nightclub. Hopefully, you’ve got some new ideas to test out or you have noticed that you’re already doing some of them. These 10 ways will certainly get you on your way to nightclub success.

If you have any more ideas, feel free to post them in the comments below. If you try any of the methods mentioned here, send me an email telling me how you found it. As ever, share share share!

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